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Four gardens in one

Four gardens in one

A small seating area to catch the morning sun - the Lutyens bench has yet to arrive

Self-binding gravel paths and landings with brick detailing

A fan-trained cherry tree on a bespoke metal framework creates structure and interest

Different varieties of apple tree are being trained to form a diamond-shaped 'Belgian fence' at one end of the recreational lawn

Informal woodland planting surrounds the mature ornamental cherry tree

The hedges will quickly grow to create a private sheltered area to sunbathe

The private garden in its early stages

Ornamental brick parterre for vegetable growing

Ornamental lawn with bird bath and flowering perennial border - main terrace beyond

Before photos

Four gardens in one


The owner's preferred style was the classic English garden with colourful herbaceous borders; however they also appreciated the more contemporary sharp minimalist look


To meet the different needs of the family they requested a private garden for sun bathing, a recreational lawn for table tennis, a kitchen garden and an ornamental garden with lawn.


The existing garden was long and narrow and cried out to be divided into different rooms; within these rooms my clients wanted areas to sit, relax and enjoy.


Smooth yorkstone and brick inserts were used for the main terrace and three other small seating areas within the garden.

Self-binding gravel paths link the seating areas together.


From the main terrace a bespoke oak arch clad with fragrant climbers leads to a small manicured lawn.


Beyond is an ornamental parterre for fruit and vegetables. The cherry tree is fan trained and apples and pears are espaliered or grown as a diamond shaped ‘Belgian’ fence. There are trained raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and standard plum trees underplanted with strawberries and spring bulbs.


The existing large cherry tree which dominates the garden is incorporated into a woodland shrub border. In time the planting will screen the rear of the garden which features a smaller recreational lawn for table tennis and a formal secret garden of clipped box, yew and small leaved holly.


The planting is bee and bird friendly. There are hidden log piles for wildlife in the secret garden and hedgehog holes in the new timber fencing.

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