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Urban retreat

Urban retreat

The detailed stone path wraps neatly around the gravel circle.

The japanese acer partially screens the new shed

Planting palette of blues, purples, pinks and burgundies

In a couple of seasons the planting will merge with the mirror and create the illusion of a continuing path

Hydrangea serrata in an old container

Before photos

Urban Retreat


Set in the heart of the town centre, this garden was designed to be a tranquil space with a cottage garden feel - somewhere to potter, a place to unwind


My client loved gardening but over the years the existing planting had got so out of control that there was barely space to

sit down.


The new garden features a circular seating area surrounded by fragrant climbing plants and pretty perennials. A sense of privacy is provided by three small trees, one of which is a Japanese acer, picking up on the acer in a neighbouring property.


A narrowing path leads to the rear of the garden where a mirror has been placed to create the illusion of more space. The new garden shed provides much needed storage and can be used as a potting shed.

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